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Frequently asked questions


Is it possible to have a look at an advertised apartment? 

You may inspect an advertised apartment by making a prior appointment only. If the apartment is still occupied we will need to arrange a suitable day and time that will suit our tenant as well. 


Can I rent for 1-2 months?

No, our minimum rental period is for 6 months. 


I currently live abroad but would like to reserve an advertised apartment?

You can reserve an apartment that has been advertised by contacting us. You will need to send a payment of

Php 20,000 through Western Union to complete and secure your reservation.


How much do I have to pay up-front?

We require an up-front payment that consists of a security deposit (which is equivalent to 1-month rent) plus one-month rental in advance. 


I don't want to sign a contract?

Every tenant is required to sign our tenancy lease agreement. Our minimum lease term is 6 months. We welcome long-term tenants who may sign for 12 months or longer. The benefit of having a lease is so that your rent cannot be increased during the lease period. If you need to break your contract early you just need to give 30 days notice. If you would like to see and read our full tenancy lease agreement you may ask for it.


How many square meters is the apartment?

Units 1-4 are 80 sqm, unit 5 is 95 sqm (3 bedrooms).


How good is our internet?

We have WiFi internet speed of 10 Mbps with an unlimited download that is reliable.


How much will electricity cost me? 

Every apartment has it's own electricity meter so you can be sure you are not sharing with someone else. Cost is determined by your level of consumption but our tenants average around 1-2K a month.  


Do I have to pay for gas?

Yes, but we will organize the gas bottle refill. Every apartment has its own 11-liter gas bottle with level indicator.  The cost is 1K which normally will last a household for 4-5 months. 


Do we allow pets?

We only allow fish aquariums, we do not allow dogs or cats.


How far are we from the beach?

We are 50 meters away from the beach and we have direct access through our own private gate.


Is the beach good for swimming?

Yes, the beach has a sandy foreshore and is safe to swim. There are no sewage or stormwater outflows anywhere nearby and the sea water is as clean as it gets. There is a marine fish sanctuary nearby and it's good for snorkeling too. At low tide, it is possible to walk quite a distance in both directions along the shore.


How far is it to a supermarket?

Robinson's mall, Hypermart and Supalee plaza are about 12 km away.  


How far is it to a market?

There is a fish market in Buntis which is 1.5 km away and Bacong has fruit and vegetables which is 3 km away. 


How far is it to a school?

Divine Grace International private school for (yrs 1-10) is 1 km away. San Miguel Public high school for years (7-10) is 2 km away, San Miguel elementary school is 3 km away. In Bacong there is a private school also catering from years (1-12). All the universities are in Dumaguete which are 12 km away.


How far is it to a hospital?

Silliman hospital has an outpatient and emergency outpost in Dauin which is 6 km away. Holly Child hospital in Dumaguete is 12 km and Silliman medical center is 15 km away. 


Does the tenant need to maintain their own lawn?

No, there's no need to worry about cutting your lawn, we have a gardener to do that.


Is there any public transport?

We are situated just 250 meters from the national highway where you can pick up a pedicab, jeepney or even a Ceres bus liner to take you north or south. If you do your grocery shopping use a pedicab to bring you right up to your apartment.


Are there any town water restrictions?

We do not rely on town water and have our own underground water supply and never run out.  


How are our neighbors?

If you ask this question you may have lived in a place before where you have experienced things such as neighbors burning their rubbish daily, late-night karaoke, croaking roosters, traffic noise or barking dogs. Fortunately, we are in a unique location far enough away from such annoyance. If you value peace and quiet then we have the right place for you.


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